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EntityResolution powered by Artificial Intelligence can dramatically improve your data quality

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Bad data is bad for healthcare.

The healthcare industry wastes over $2B in costs due to bad provider data. 

Eligibility, provider management, claims processing – all suffer from bad data.

Purpose built  to de-dupe,
match and cluster millions of
records in real-time using AI

Unlike legacy, comparison
based approaches,
leverages AI..

Clustering algorithms to identify
related entities. AI continuously
improves match rates

Context based

Leverage AI to continuously improve data quality. Getting started is easy

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Synergen Health deployed AI driven, Underpayment Analytics from Health Sigma. The solution used readily available 835s and successfully identified significant underpayments very efficiently. The mapping of underpayment to contracts further made the appeals process easier.

Sunil Konda

Vice President, Product at SYNERGEN Health