Auto-Adjudication Rates.
Reduce processing
overheads by 40%

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Auto-Adjudication Accelerator does not replace, but seamlessly co-exists with your existing workflows.

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    Payers spend
    over $210 billion
    annually in claims

    Why is claims processing so inefficient?

    Most claim platforms are built on monolithic, legacy technologies

    Legacy platforms are very expensive to maintain. Migrating to a newer platform is risky

    Manual processing cost payers over $4 per claim

    Reduce claims
    overheads by 40%
    with advanced AI

    Auto-Adjudication Accelerator
    identifies key
    variables and
    each claim

    It continuously learns
    from claims history. It
    learns from both
    reinforcing and
    contradicting feedback

    Administrators can
    review results prior to
    release and configure
    confidence thresholds

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    • No migration or downtime
      needed. It is plug-and-play
    • Auto-Adjudication Accelerator integrates seamlessly with your existing claims infrastructure and processes
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    Synergen Health deployed AI driven, Underpayment Analytics from Health Sigma. The solution used readily available 835s and successfully identified significant underpayments very efficiently. The mapping of underpayment to contracts further made the appeals process easier.

    Sunil Konda

    Vice President, Product at SYNERGEN Health

    CFMC leveraged Health Sigma’s proprietary AI Analytics Platform for claims analytics and contract benchmarking. Health Sigma played a key role in improving CFMC’s overall financial performance

    Anthony Gutierrez

    Head of Revenue Cycle, Community First Medical Center